What is

The Strategy?

The Strategy is designed especially for you. Imagine having a personal nutrition concierge to help you kick start your life, lose weight, be nourished, and truly get hold of your health, starting today!



Welcome to Green Apple Nutrition! Oh, how I wish I could say that I am reinventing the wheel when it comes to nutrition. I also wish I could provide you with that magic bullet that so many of the people I meet are looking for. I get numerous inquiries daily from people asking what I think of the latest dietary craze, and if I would recommend that for them. When did eating healthy become so complicated?


Let me tell you a little about myself. I didn’t always have the healthiest relationship with food. I was never really a ‘fat kid’, I was slightly pudgy. It didn’t help that I was a bit taller than kids my age as well so needless to say I did have to endure the teasing. As I was growing I didn’t realize the affect the teasing actually had on me. How the fear of being ‘fat’ became a constant riptide in my life. It also didn’t help being a part of a generation bombarded with unrealistic images of women, and a culture more concerned with how you looked rather than overall wellness. Trying to obtain what seemed to be the ideal weight and size typically comes at the cost of your health and emotional wellbeing. And yet, most of us keep chasing after it certain that if we keep chasing it, that the Holy Grail is just around the corner. We have been so ingrained that it takes some sort of ‘diet plan’; some sort of perfect combination of allowances and restrictions to crack the code that holds the answer to it all. I will challenge anyone to name a diet, any one of them, and I can guarantee you that I have tried it and some you never even knew existed. Some crazy stuff! Which one of them really worked and finally set me free you are wondering? NONE of them!! In fact, the exact opposite happened. I became a prisoner to confusion and disappointment. I developed a love/hate relationship with food. Really it was a more of a hate/love as food became the enemy; like an abusive lover. One minute we were fine together, and then the next we were in a terrible fight. This also describes how my relationship with my body became. There was a definite disconnect. I was not treating my body with the love and reverence it deserved, and yet, it kept trying to its best to keep on going.


The body is actually quite remarkable, and so very resilient. In hindsight I am astonished at the dietary indiscretions it endured, and just how politely it would try to tell me things were not right. In return, I wasn’t very polite back. It eventually got my undivided attention with a defining moment; an event that would change my life forever. This event brought about an almost three month, complicated stay in the hospital, and years of residual effects that ultimately redirected my path to where I am today both personally and professionally. I knew I could never return to my old ways of thinking and living. It was the process of healing that was my best education. I was learning firsthand, as a patient, just how miraculous the body is, and just what it can do when you create the proper environment for it to heal.


Even more astonishing to me coming from the old diet plan paradigm, was how simple it was. I didn’t say easy, I said simple. The most difficult part was releasing the old thoughts. Though I knew they were not of any benefit what so ever, it was just that they had been so ingrained they taunted me through the process. Would I never have to count a calorie again? Would I never have to measure everything I ate again? Would I have a healthy, loving relationship with food? Would food actually have its proper role in my life? Well, yes, yes, yes, and YES! The less I thought in, and about, the old ways the easier it became. I was no longer a prisoner of the all-consuming caravan of thoughts that parade through the mind of a person who is trying to change their eating habits. The ridiculous (yes, ridiculous) thoughts that can, and will typically launch their attack often after a visit to the scale, a glance in the mirror, or visit to the doctor. It was my formal education that taught me that that number on the scale sure seems to have inequitable amount of power given the complete lack of accurate information it is providing. So, I trashed my scale as one of the steps on to my healthy path. It was life changing! I now eat for life, for health, and with reverent pleasure, and you can too. It is liberating and empowering.


"This is who I am, and this is what I do" has become one of my mantras, as well as the mantra of those I have sojourned with on their journey to a nourished life. My life's goal is to help people find their vibrant life no matter where they are on the journey. Allow me to help you learn how to embrace the journey as you unleash the healing power of your body through a lifestyle of whole food nourishment. I was once asked in an interview, who is my ideal client. I replied, "Anyone who eats". It's your turn.


So, where shall I meet you? I am looking forward to the journey with you.


                                                                  With a Grateful Heart,