Celebrating  people who transformed their health with help from Lisa ~

"My goal is to educate and empower you to create a beautiful relationship between your body and food. Embrace the journey as you unleash the healing power of your body through a lifestyle of whole food nourishment. I will meet you where you are, and sojourn on this path with you." ~ Lisa

Lisa Mittry is one of the most talented and caring people I've met in the wellness industry. Her knowledge of nutrition is vast. The recipes she has created makes it easy to eat well for whatever goal or condition you are dealing with. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again soon.

Sallie F


I had the privilege of consulting with Lisa Mittry on an almost daily basis as part of a two-week residential stay at a Wellness Resort in San Diego, California, in September 2015.

I can honestly say that Lisa was one of the key pillars of my success there.  Prior to working with Lisa I thought I had a pretty good understanding of food and nutrition, and what I had to do to lose weight in a healthy way.  Lisa educated me in a big way during my stay.  I learned that I could eat deliciously, not starve myself and still lose weight.  I ate beautiful, appetizing food that kept me satisfied and energized.  Working with Lisa, I also had an epiphany about food labels.  I was always very careful about reading labels, but discovered that I was looking at all of the wrong things.  Lisa trained my eye to focus on what was important, and that has made me use much more discretion in what I purchase and ultimately put in my mouth.

Lisa’s approach is practical but very personal, and she takes individual lifestyles into consideration.  She wants to know your likes and dislikes and will help you work around them.   Having said that, she realizes that nobody can be perfect 100% of the time and helps you determine options that will get you through those times.  

I also thought I was a pretty discerning shopper until I went grocery shopping with Lisa.  The value in this outing with her was huge.  To walk through a store and see how Lisa would shop for herself was an eye opening experience.  I came back with many great ideas on how to bring more variety and interest into my diet.

I highly recommend Lisa for anyone looking for a nutritional and lifestyle re-set.  In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable in her field, she is also empathic, approachable, and just a genuinely authentic person to connect with.

If you require any additional information about my experiences with Lisa, I would be happy to speak to you personally.


Alexandra B
Calgary, Canada