Private One on One in Home or Office Nutrition Counseling



           Private Counseling



                     This is all about you!


This is a safe, private one-on-one appointment and can be done in *person, telephone, or **Sype. 

* Travel expenses dependent on distance.

** Skye dependent on connection.

Comprehensive Nutrition Program and Makeover
Group Nutrition and Wellness Counseling


                   Diet and Wellness Package

                         20-40 hrs


                                  No Excuses!


           As your personal concierge I implement a                    comprehensive program designed to 

            remove excuses that have kept you from

            the healthful lifestyle changes you desire.

           This plan is also proven highly beneficial for

           those dealing with specific health issues

                Group Counseling



                            Team Green Apple!


       Changing and improving lifestyle habits can

       work better for some people when they have

       the support of others. Create a group setting

       and let's begin the positive changes together.

In Home or Office Nutrition Workshop Series

             Workshop Series

               1hr 30 mins each


                         Just the facts!


Sorting through sugars, fats, salt, GMOs, labels, super foods, and all the other information you are searching Google for. Just how do you sort through all this information and use it to benefit your life? One, two, and three part series.

Grocery Shopping with a Nutritionist - Private or Group

           Mindful Shopping



Would you grocery shop with a blindfold on?


Of course not! Learn to mindfully navigate the grocery store. I will walk every isle with you so that you know what you are buying and why. It will be eye opening! Private and group shopping trips available.

Executive Worksite Wellness Programs


                  Worksite Wellness

                               Hrs TBD


         'Employer' Wellness is a better term.


 The statistics prove that healthy employees can save companies millions on  healthcare, and they also have higher productivity rates. When the employees are well, the company is well. As an employer you need to be the thermostat; not the thermometer.

In-Home Healthy Cooking Lessons

            Healthy Cooking Lessons  

                       2 hrs


                Healthy food is fun food!


When did cooking become such a burden? I will help you get out of that boring food rut you are stuck in. No more making the same old meals. Be empowered and take control of your health. It starts with your fork!

First Start Healthy Eating for Children

     Healthy Eating for Children

                                 2 hrs


          The earlier you start, the better.


Create a healthy relationship with food for your child. Developing a child's palate to enjoy real food will be one of the most important things you can do for the health of your child. 

Let's Make it Happen!
 No Matter Where You Are